Our mission is to innovate semiconductor devices with nanoscale design

of high-performance materials to exploit their unique properties

and conceive new, drastically more efficient devices

that outperform the state-of-the-art


Mar. 2019 – Remco van Erp receives the best presentation award at APEC 2019.

Congratulations Remco and George for the great work!

Feb. 2019 – Our paper was featured on Compound Semiconductor magazine:

Trimming resistance with multiple channels

Jan. 2019 – Our papers were featured on Semiconductor Today magazine:

21.02.19 – First demonstration of fully vertical gallium nitride transistors on silicon 

30.01.19 – Reducing Schottky on-resistance in multi-channel III-nitride structures

24.01.19 – Multi-channel tri-gate III-nitride high-electron-mobility transistors on silicon

Nov. 2018 – POWERlab receives two best student awards at the IWN 2018 – Japan! 

Congratulations Taifang Wang and Jun Ma for the excellent work!



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Latest publications

On-Chip High-Voltage Sensors Based on Trap-Assisted 2DEG Channel Control
Mohammad Samizadeh Nikoo, Armin Jafari, and Elison Matioli, IEEE Electron Device Letters (Feb. 2019)

High-performance nanowire-based E-mode Power GaN MOSHEMTs with large work function gate metal
Luca Nela, Minghua Zhu,  Jun Ma, and Elison Matioli, IEEE Electron Device Letters (Feb. 2019)

Fully-vertical GaN-on-Si power MOSFETs
Riyaz Abdul Khadar, Chao Liu, Reza Soleimanzadeh, and Elison Matioli, IEEE Electron Device Letters (Jan. 2019)

Multi-Channel Tri-gate GaN Power Schottky Diodes with Low ON-Resistance
Jun Ma, George Kampitsis, Peng Xiang, Kai Cheng, and Elison Matioli,  IEEE Electron Device Letters (Dec. 2018)

Multi-channel tri-gate normally-on/off AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMTs on Si substrate with high breakdown voltage and low ON-resistance 
Jun Ma, Catherine Erine, Peng Xiang, Kai Cheng, and Elison Matioli,  Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 242102 (Dec. 2018)

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